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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Mission Prayer: I'll Keep on Dreaming

Dreams are important part of living. The society needs more of it, more dreamers and more visionaries, more pioneers bold enough to imagine and create another world. I remind myself that it’s time to stop procrastinating; there must be something good in this world worth fighting for, one that will stimulate me towards something greater than myself.

Looking back over the past few years, I wanted to drive a certain type of car or lives in a house with a huge backyard. I even wanted a better job or to lose that last few pounds or more vacation time from work. I imagine myself getting rich and solving the word’s problems, falling in love and living in a tropical paradise. I long for something insignificant that seems so important at the time.

Today as I physically stand in centre looking at the children asking me to hand them their favourite toys, it made feel like we are the same ... wanting the next best, shiniest toy on the top shelf.

It is God's privilege to conceal things and the king's privilege to discover them. - Proverbs 25:2
You can know more about yourself and God by paying attention to your dreams.

In the Bible, God is a dreamer. 

He imagined all creation before it existed. 
He spoke it into being. 
His plan for redemption is beautiful. 
I just have to be daring enough to move forward and believe reality is possible.
To imagine.
To ask for it.
To have vision and a will.
To bring hope to others.
To begin living it out here and now. 

Someone in the team shared on perseverance the other morning, it got me thinking of a book I read recently called “Discovering your Passion” by Seth Barnes.
I enjoy reading this verse in his book,
“We engage our faith practically when we start ushering these dreams into existence. When we begin to take real steps toward healing the world, we are awakened to new levels of dependence, intimacy and nearness to God. But we cannot do any of this if we have not given ourselves permission to start dreaming.”

Everyone dreams differently. Daydreams, sleeping dreams, and God-breathed dreams. He gave me heart pounding dreams that keep me awaked at night. It seems like a burden that I carry for the last couple of months and I don’t understand why. The dream was intimidating and seemed impossible. I knew it requires risks, sacrifice and I was afraid. It’s not going to be easy and it cost me more than what I am willing to give. I wanted to quit but I trust God’s dream was bigger than my own.

In the dream, He told me that it’s not about me, it’s not for my own personal comfort or success. It’s given to me to be given away. There will be hardship, heartache and trouble. Am I ready?
I guess this is the reason why I am created, to look for my true purpose and passion in life.
NOW it’s time for me to step outside my comfort and begin making a difference, I need to look beyond my own and discover His dreams. I woke up with a plan and I knew my life would never be the same after returning from Sanmenxia.

For the dream comes through much effort, and the voice of a fool through many words. -Ecclesiastes 5:3 
When we slow down and give value to our dreams, we can begin to understand what God is saying to us.

Will I sacrifice everything for the sake of following His given dream? Back then I have no answer.

But today I understand that the dream brought life and light to the children. He gave me that dream because the children at the center needed the dream most. I cannot do it by myself, but it can be done and it’s worth it. I saw people from all over the world coming together to release their own dreams of His Kingdom.

In short “We must be willing to give away our lives for the sake of His dream, but we must first lose our lives in order to find it.”

Lord, so often the business of everyday life saps the energy and passion that you have given to us. Help us live the vitality and enthusiasm for all you have in store for us. 
Heal those children with broken dreams so they can move from being a burden to live a better life and having a society to make the world a better place. 
Bless those staff with courage, patience and great faith.


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