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Monday, 31 October 2011

He is no fool who gives

Where we have torn down before, let's build up now.
Where we gave up once, let's place hope on the present
Where we made mistakes, let's learn not do repeat them again.
Where we stumbled and fell yesterday, let's pick each other up today ....
The world is already not a very nice place to live in, let's reduce the negativity and contribute to a better tomorrow.

Missionary Jim Elliot journal entry for October 28, 1949, expresses his belief that mission work was more important than his life. He lived his life by the motto;
"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose."

I will keep this post short and precise ... click on the link above for more information.
We have made it possible for you to make a difference, you can now support us by donating towards our fund for the welfare centre.

This is the opportunity for you to see how your donations is put into good used.
All the money raised will go directly towards purchasing goods that the kids really need and can't afford, objects that are going to make a difference in their lives. We will be bring all these items with us on the trip in January.

Follow our progress as we continue to post and provide updates.
I believe together we are going to do great things for those little ones abandoned in China!
Thank you once again for your support.