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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Second Chances

First Impression is harmless but Jumping into Conclusion can be very dangerous.

A lot of us jump to conclusions when we half-overhear something or see only part of what someone's doing, and to make it worse we relate our mistaken conclusions to others.Sigh ... it can raise difficult ethical issues when we start believing our imposed stories.

"We look for meaning. Even staring at the sky, we look for familiar shapes in clouds. Studies show how we make out words when we see only some of the letters or the letters are jumbled. When we see or hear someone do or say something, we invariably impose meaning on it: we assume what's gone before, we surmise what's intended; we construct instant plots to make sense of a snatch of conversation or an action partially observed."
When we see someone doing something, if we know what they believe and what they intend, we understand their action. When we overhear someone say something, if we know what they believe and what they intend, we understand what they've said. But too often, when we see or overhear someone, we assume a lot, using things we know they believe and intend and applying them to the half-seen action or the half-heard remarks. And sometimes when we add up what we think are two and two we get a dangerous five." Getting It Wrong by C. G. Prado

“You must understand that seeing is believing, but also know that believing is seeing.”

Well, some may say the source of trouble is gossiping, and I agree. But however wrong it is to gossip (talking about someone), it is worse if I get the story wrong. Always remember that jumping into conclusion can be very hurtful to others (especially to someone you care), I have to admit it is stupid for me to act on false or inadequate information.

Lesson : Next time I will choose my words carefully (wisely) because they may come back to destroy me. I must learn to refrain from giving advice, since I'm not even involved. If you are reading this, I am deeply sorry ... all I can say is when you feel like God is doing nothing, that's probably when He is doing the most.


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