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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Romancing in Thin Air

Last night, I decided to pack my bags for yet another travel, even though it will be short trip but it is not easy to pack, most of the stuff are either gifts for my family or souvenirs for relatives reunion dinner and not forgetting my friend's wedding (brides maid dress, shoes, make-up, accessories) I hope I did not forget anything this time. Oh well, from all the travels I had, you pack what you can and the rest just buy if needed, no point over packing. Yup bags are heavy and filled, I am satisfied.

I left work early and I had some spare time so I decided to have a relaxing evening, I was home alone, peace and quiet, I watched "Romancing In Thin Air (高海拔之恋II)" directed by Johnnie To, one of Hong Kong’s most exciting directors, starring none other than my two favourites, Louis Koo and Sammi Cheng. 

I have so much respect for Sammi. She had a long history in the entertainment industry, good and not so good rumours, during a break lasting more than 1,000 days, she reflected upon her life, and became a born-again Christian. After taking a break for about 2 years, she re-invented herself again, and held her concert titled "Show Mi" (Mi being the nickname of SamMI given by her fans). I was very fortunate to have attended her concert tour in Australia back in 2008.

This new movie definitely marks a welcome return for Sammi. Her previous movies that I enjoyed growing up watching
1996 Feel 100% with Ekin Cheng
1998 The Lucky Guy with Stephen Chow
2000 Needing You with Andy Lau
2000 Summer Holiday with Richie Ren
2001 Love on A Diet with Andy Lau
2002 Infernal Affairs with Andy Lau
2004 Magic Kitchen with Jerry Yen
2004 Yesterday Once More with Andy Lau

"Needing You" and "Yesterday Once more" was produced and directed by Johnnie To and you can tell she is a perfect screen couple with Andy Lau.

Like a scene straight out of a movie, on the day superstar Michael is to marry his actress sweetheart Yuan Yuan, a coal miner shows up and runs off with the bride.
While dodging the paparazzi, Michael inadvertently boards a truck driven by Sue and ends up in Shangri-la.
Sue is the innkeeper of a local inn and allows the rather depressed Michael to stay and get his life back together. During his stay, Michael finds out Sue is a die-hard fan and Michael's movies are the links of Sue's marriage. Unfortunately, her husband, Tian, disappeared 7 years ago near the inn and hasn't been found ever since.
Year after year, the rescue team looks for Tian and Sue hasn't given up either. But when hope turns into despair, Sue commits suicide and Michael rescues her. As time goes by, Michael nurses Sue back to health and encourages her to put Tian behind her. When they both sense love is in the air, Sue gets word Tian's body has been found. Unable to forget her husband, Sue turns Michael down.

Before "Romancing in Thin Air" was released, I watched the trailer, teaser and listened to the OST "Do Re Mi" performed by Sammi. I didn't get the meaning behind the lyrics but after watching it all makes sense now.

This morning as I was loading up my car with my luggage and fishes (dropping it off at a friend's place), I reminded myself true friendship and true love do sustain the tests of distance and time. There are many ways out there to make a relationship work. All I can say is love yourself unconditionally, just as you love those closest to you despite their faults.

While driving to work (surprisingly no traffic), I came across "Don't compare your love story to those you watch in movies. They are written by scriptwriters, yours is written by God." Yup scenes in movies definitely bring back memories ... riding a bike, hugging from behind, kissing in the rain, being taken care when sick, drinking till you pass out, warming each other in the cold ....

Love is beautiful and poetic, it can bring sunshine to a bad day, and it is the rainbow to the storm. However, we all live in reality. Sadly we all need to eat, sleep, pay bills and contribute to society and not live on just love.

Love is grand, but it must not remove us from reality. God has a great way of combining love with justice, purpose and productivity. His love is not that of a besotted teenager, but a mature love that helps people to grow and develop. That is the kind of love we should have for everyone; love that develops respect and maturity in those around us.

How can you express love to everyone in such a way that they are better off from experiencing it?

A friend came to me for advice, I told her not to focus on choosing the better man, she should instead consider the man that make her a better woman. God's love is made perfect, I pray that everyday we may learn to extend His love to everyone around us so that we all become better people from the experience.


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