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Thursday, 16 February 2012

LINsanity All-Star Week

I just recently came back from an adventure in China and I met a few new Taiwanese friends.
A close friend came to China too, but little did everyone expect ... when two creative individual joined forces, an interesting video is produced for fun ... then it became viral. The concept was very simple yet amazing.
Red combined her basketball skills with her artistic talent and drew a portrait of Yao Ming. It was all over the internet (Facebook, Twitter, Weibo) even the news (international TV and local newspaper). Last weekend, she did it again, this time she was inspired by Jay Chou's song, (coffee, autumn leaves + fragmentation) she came up with an idea using coffee cup stains to make individual rings, the painting looks like an old sepia portrait of the singer. Now who said caffeine over-dose is a bad thing?

See how a simple concept became so powerful or created remarkable results (ripple effect).

Same goes for Jeremy Lin, I was fascinated by his passion for basketball and his love for God.
Besides Whiney RIP news, this week my Facebook feed and YouTube digest is constantly about him.
So much so that people start playing with words such as ThrilLIN, LINsanity and LINsational.

I should probably give a brief summary of the man (or MVP 2012) for those who do not follow much sports.

Currently the world is wild for 23 year old Jeremy, notably, the first Taiwanese-American D-League player turned NBA star. The undrafted Christian Harvard grad survived sleeping on his brother’s couch in New York. And all the attention he, his team and his sport have been getting has made a big impact to the crowd if not the ticket prices.

Meanwhile, the man himself is being called “the Taiwanese Tebow” (Tebowmania took hold last fall, when devout Tim Tebow quarterback led the Broncos to six straight wins as the starting quarterback) So can Jeremy lead Knicks to six straight wins this season if not more?

Others say he’s LINspiring, a LINcredible LINspiration for us all. 
He’s a LINderella story. 
He’s LINvincible. 
He’s like a LINja assassin. 
He’s Super LINtendo. 
With a name like that, the sky’s really the LINmit. haha

So I have to agree, Jeremy is a good player (he works hard and he deserves it at the end of the day) but all the hype is actually due to he's Asian. Black players do what he does every night and don't get the same praise. But you do have to give him credit, it is not everyday you see an Asian nailing it in the NBA (besides Yao Ming of course). 

What caught my attention? 
He has taken the sports world by storm. 
He spoke all the right things about religion. 
I am sure it isn't simply the winning (or should that be LINning?) that has captivated all those audience, but his shared Christian belief and faith-based comments on air.

This story is a fine example of preparation, perseverance & rising to the occasion. Something that God wants all of us to learn everyday.

To me this is where the value of preparation and patience comes in. Your number one job as a professional regardless if you’re a basketball player, waitress or architect is to always be ready when you get called upon.

He will call upon me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him. -Psalm 91:15

While in the eyes of many, Jeremy may be seen as an overnight sensation, but players playing that well don’t usually come out of nowhere. It does seems like they do, but if you can go back and take a look, his skill level was probably there from the beginning. It probably just went unnoticed. But God had already planned his path for him from the day he was born. Go view his testimony, you will learn the true value of being prepared and ready for when your number gets called because if you stay ready, you never have to worry about getting ready when your times comes.

The story of LINmania above should serve as an excellent reminder for anyone aspiring to do or be something great, both adversity and perseverance lie at the heart of true success and you’ll unfortunately never reach any level of greatness by giving up on your dreams too early just because things look grim.

Jiayou 加油!!! Gambatte がんばって !!! 
Te deseo todo lo mejor !!! 

This Is Probably Why You Should Never, Ever Give Up and Remember Every Now and Then Give Yourself a Second Chance to Shine.

Lin's story is truly inspiring, hope you can help spread his message on Lin's Long Journey & The Rise of Jeremy Lin


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