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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Talking the Talk, and Walking the Walk

This is my talk, I shall speak words pleasing only to Him.
 This is my walk, with His grace I shall continue walking. 
  I lift up my fear, my anxiety and my worry to you Lord. 

If one lesson I learn from spending some time with the less fortunate during my trip, I came back feeling very blessed. Yes I was very tired by the end of the trip so I was glad to be home. But the day I step my foot off the plane, I could clearly remember how I was thankful for the warm weather ... through to my comfortable bed. After a weekend of rest, I started the week with confidence, determination, hopeful, joyful and positive. I was recharged and could feel the uplifting energy empowered for success. 

I am not sure if it is my own seasonal mood swings or just my surroundings have such a big impact on me, but after so many weeks, my mood began to to resemble the wet, dirty, gray weather outside. Everything somehow looks gloomy and depressing. I felt like a trouble magnet .... attracting all the negative energy? Why?
Recently a lot of people have plenty of opinion to share. Everyone wanted to "Talk".  At first I thought they wanted to catch up, they miss having me around, hoping they have some good news to share. But no, everyone was complaining, gossip, unhappy and negative. No one was satisfied, why are people never ever pleased around me? My excuse .. maybe I have been away from work and home for too long to notice.

Which is worst? "I Need to Talk to You" or "We Need to Talk"

It came to a point I cringe every time someone mention the word "Talk". I understand in any friendship or relationship, sometimes we come to a point where a "Talk" is necessary to sort out any unresolved issue, unsettled feelings or just to discuss what lies ahead.

In the office, when my boss approach my desk, "Can I have a Word with You in Private" ... it automatically set off the alarm bells ... Am I in trouble? What did I do? There was no time to hide, anxiously I head off to the meeting room. It happened a couple of times, thankfully most of the time it was not as bad as I anticipated.

In relationships, I have yet to experience happy ending. When I wanted to have a proper conversation, my partner was too busy to respond. When my partner was ready, I was no longer interested. Both sides procrastinated for far too long. So let's blame it all on BAD timing.

As a professional, I know very well not to give work related opinions, advise or consultation when I am drinking. I do not want to be held liable if something goes wrong and clients will hold my word against me. It is dangerous.

Same goes for any relationship, one should not confront an individual when alcohol is present. It is unfair.
Looking back smiling at how stupid and naive we were ... I actually started a relationship when I was tipsy at a bar (good times, no regrets but not repeating it again) ... I saw my best friend got so drunk at a night club, she took the courage to call it quits in her unhappy relationship. She is now happily married. We learned our lesson the hard way. Sometimes we need a bit of alcohol to give us that extra push to say things we would not when we are sober. (beware of the consequences after)

Is telling the truth and making someone cry better than telling a lie and making someone smile?

I find it amusing when I called in sick to work this week, a friend text me to meet up for a short heart to heart talk. She even wanted to come over to my office during lunch (an hour away). I wonder what was so important that it can't wait till after work? Why can't she just sent me an email? If it was urgent she could have called me. My mind and heart could not rest that day as I could sense trouble awaiting. It turned out to be a small matter (in my opinion), but it was a big issue that she had to get off her chest. In short I should have had minded my own business, I felt a little offended that she did not appreciate my favour, I had all good intention for her yet my concern was pushed aside. Humans are born selfish, I should learn to care less, that way maybe I wouldn't get myself into other people's mess.

I tolerated and told myself, "Pleasing God rather than men is my primary aim as a believer. I seek to excel in pleasing Him because He loves me. My ability to please Him is ultimately the result of His work in my life. I will face trial of every kind."

How I wish I could avoid awkward situations like this, if I could I would rather not confront conflicts.After listening, I knew it was God's intention for me to learn to be tactful and wise. This is the only way I can grow stronger spiritually ... I am here to please only Him and to accept His grace.

Of course this involves discovering and doing what pleases Him through living in the light of the Word.

It begins in my heart.
It should have no restrictions.
It touches every area, and aspect of my life. 
It reaches into homes, into the work place and into society. 
It means doing His will, walking the walk and talking the talk.

I was aware of the entanglements which hinder my capacity to please Him. Seeking to please men for selfish reasons ruins my capacity to follow His words, I have to take a stand for the truth or my principle (love others unselfishly) Every time I fail to please Him, I ultimately become hostile or at least useless not only to God, but to men. The only way to meet the needs of men is by first seeking to please God by putting His agenda first.
When one lives with grace, it means that in one’s manner, talk and action, there flows an elegance and warmth that respects and honours all individuals with kindness, compassion, understanding, and tolerance. This warmth is capable of spreading to everyone this person encounters.When one lives with grace, they also possess grace, in that they draw moral and spiritual strength from it, and ultimately, true happiness and fulfilment. ~ inspiring words from Terry Starbucker


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