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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Another Day

Woke up early again today as usual drove to work
Surprise to find myself FIRST to reach the car park in the office building
As I am sitting at my office desk starting my day, I am thinking of you listening to this song

Don't you feel ~ Time will never stop us
Don't you feel ~ The sky has never been so kind
Do you see ~ Can you feel the way I feel today
Something more ~ Never before
Don't you feel ~ Age is just a number
Can't you see ~ There's no one else but you and me
Can't you feel ~ Every breathe you take

Everything you say will show you the way
Every single way 
I wanna stay another day
I wanna take you far away
Holding onto someone great like you
I'll take you all the way

I wanna stay another day ~ So don't you ever go away
Don't you ever give me something else
It doesn't feel the same

Oh Baby
Don't you know that every time you come my way
Don't you know it it bring out the sun stop the rain
Don't you do it ~ Don't ever look back anymore

Lyrics : Aarif