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Sunday, 18 September 2011

When Extraordinary Things Happen to Ordinary People

"Walking home with his eyes half-closed one evening after a hard day's work, he was dreaming of what he could do if he were rich. As he walked his foot struck against a leather pouch filled with what seemed to him to be small stones. Absentmindedly he picked up the pouch and began throwing the pebbles into the water. "When I am a rich man," he said to himself, "I'll have a large house". And he threw another pebble into the river. He threw another one and thought, "My wife and I will have servants and rich food, and many fine things". And this went on until just one stone was left. As he held it in his hand, a ray of light caught it and made it sparkle. He then realised that is was a valuable gem. He had been throwing away the real riches in his hand, while he dream of unreal riches in the future." 

This story summarises the situation of many Christians. We have been given everything we need or could want, it has been placed in our hands, and we have been invited to enjoy it. But for some reason we do not look into our hands, we do not take what God has given us, and actually use it. Instead we dream of the day when we will be richly blessed, we dream of the day when the joy of the banquet will be ours.

Sometimes I sit in front of my laptop pondering how do I come across so many meaningful stories at the right moment. Some people I know can go days without typing a word. Some can't find inspiration no matter how hard they try. I tell you this, God greatest desire is for us to see a clear picture of Him. Even if you do not believe in the Bible, he will make you see Him clearly, find His love irresistible in so many ways; songs, stories or a simple conversation.

Sometimes His voice speaks through the scriptures, such as those of David and Goliath, Ruth and Boaz etc. Some of these stories teach us how to handle the troubles we face each day. Others fill us with hope and peace. Each of them is like a personal letter from God to you. If you find the short stories I share touching, pick up the Bible and flip through a few pages. I don't expect you to read it all and understand it immediately, but I strongly believe there will be a passage in there that will speak to you. Trust me when I say this book has always been His voice talking personally to anyone who is willing to read and hear. Do not fear, open your mind and listen to God's practical advice and encouragement through the parables, promises and warnings. Practise applying it in our lives today.

Today Pastor presented a great sermon on Mark 2:1-12 Jesus Heals Spiritual Paralysis. To summarise everything Gods looking for people bringing, crowd pushing, wall climbing, roof trashing, party crashing, attention grabbing, miracle demanding believers!

I went home and it got me thinking on the extraordinary things that God had made it happen to my life. I should probably start writing down a list of stuff I am thankful for, I may run out of paper or ink.

People I came across in life always said that I am very special person, an incredible friend, there is something different about me. But as I climb into bed every night saying my prayers I know I am just an average person living an ordinary life. Because I have so much faith, I wake up in the morning with an extraordinary mindset. Success  and happiness comes from the inside out. You must know by now that the inside can be shaped from the outside. External collaboration derives from an internal motivation. Success is a state of mind. An inner game where the only way you can become extraordinary is to allow your mind to be elevated by others.

Just remember this ...

God loves us even when we choose to reject His love. In those times He allows us to walk away into the life of our own choices. Yet He is still there, always ready to redeem us from the results of our decisions.

Jesus is the one who never changes in a universe that always does. Jesus is Creator, Sustainer, Saviour, Friend, God's Son, and God Himself!

Eternal life, peace, purpose, forgiveness, transforming grace, hope: Everything He promises is ours, because He's offering it and He's shown we can trust Him to do exactly as He promises. Accept His gifts, and you immediately become an active part of His family, and He joyfully becomes part of yours.