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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Dare to be Different

Here comes The Quote of the Day :
"You laugh at me because I'm different, I laugh at you because you're all the same." - Jonathan Davis

After reading that on-line, it reminded me of a famous Chinese poem quoted by Stephen Chow in his movie 唐伯虎點秋香 'The Flirting Scholar' ...

Biérén xiào wǒ tài fēngdiān
Wǒ xiào tārén kàn bù chuān
Bùjiàn wǔ líng háojié mù
Wú huā wú jiǔ chú zuòtián

My direct translation would probably be,
People often mocked and accused me a fool, I teased back at their own shallow sight.
Unseen five mausoleum hero grave, without flower or alcohol hoe the fields. (I might need help explaining last part)
Layman's terms ... Others laugh at me for my being crazy, while I laugh at others for not seeing the true meaning of the life.

When I was little kid, mum used to tell me that I should do what is right, follow what everybody else does. If I wanted to wear black during CNY, she would say ‘No. You should wear red or lighter colours, like everybody else.’

I never understood why we should all be the same. What’s the point? How can my personality develop if I try to be like everybody else? We are all different, even if our school teacher tells us we are all the same. Not a human being on Earth is the same with another one, and I strongly believe this is how God intended it to be. I grew up a nerd (always studying) while my sister was surrounded by attention (because she was cute). I was the brain in the family while she inherited good looks. We both have the ability to express ourselves differently. How I wish I grew up embracing my inner beauty then I do not have to think for one minute what others say, because in the end I am living for myself, not for anybody else.

Why do everyone laugh at the people that are different? What about the individuals that act the same and dress the same, the 'popular people’? What people don’t see is that those people that are different, is that they are beautiful on the inside. It doesn’t matter whether or not they have the latest clothes fashion, if they have perfect hair, or if they dating the cutest guy, it matters who they are and what they’re like.

We live in a prejudice world where we won’t look twice at a person, because of what they’re wearing, whether they’re hot or not, what their skin color is, if they smell bad, or whatever the reason may be. Either way, we always find something different about people and somehow form an opinion before we even know what they are like.

Before you judge someone, think of how you would feel if someone did that to you. Try getting to know a person before you form an opinion, because that one person just might change your life.

The funny thing about bringing up this saying is, I told myself that it is time to visit the saloon but I wanted to wait till after the Nov wedding. Once last pretty photo before I change a new drastic look. Finally yesterday I decided, I will have my hair cut tomorrow, I called Miyuki and made an appointment. I can't recall exactly when was the last time I had short hair. I did a quick on-line search and found some photos on Punk and Bob Hairstyle. A few of people were very supportive but there were a few who knew I would chicken out. Could I prove them wrong, we will see?

If you see me walking down the streets, I may just want to hide, I know this is one of those decision I would regret later BUT ...  JUST DO IT.