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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Random Act of Kindness

Every time I am going through a difficult or complicated situation ... I will breakdown slowly and silently.
My friend asked me this question over and over again (I don't know how to response and I don't feel like explaining myself) Why do you still tolerate them? Why do you keep treating them nice?
The common advice is of course, to walk away and leave (run as fast as you could in the opposite direction)

I am very thankful that through the years, I found true friendship, those who cared had stick around, they prayed for me, they were there to listen, I woke up the next day to encouraging messages from them. At less I know I am not alone and someone do care. My personal experience of friendship, good times become good memories, bad times becomes good lessons.

Often times, I told myself that I do not deserve such treatment, I should stop being so nice to people since they do not know how to appreciate ... what is there for me for being so generous ... if only I can bring myself to be more selfish maybe I would be happier. I wanted to be a horrible person, I was almost convinced it was a lot easier to be bad person then to stay nice to anyone.

In spite of everything that happened I still choose to believe people are good at heart. Yes this conclude how stupid and naive I am.

Then God appeared, standing a child before me, it was a divine moment. He reminded me of all the opportunities I had touching people's life, if He did not think I was ready he would not have spoken. A phone call this morning gave me a revelation, it was a weird time for her to call (unexpected) but she could tell there was something bothering me, she went silent but her timing was just right. She reminded the time when I sat next to her quietly (I did not ask questions, I just prayed and she was thankful I was there to stop her from making a decision she will regret) I will never know when I am making a lifelong memory for someone ... anyone. That's why He had asked us to be gentle and kind to one another, all the time.

With each child I encounter during my trip, I saw the opportunity to build up an individual or sadly ... the power to tear down a soul. A life can be literally launched with as little as a single word, an uplifting comment, a well-timed hug, a tender prayer, a compliment, holding of a frightened hand or gentle wiping of a tear.

All of us with no training are qualified to do it. Why? The truth is having been a child ourself, we have all experienced first hand all there is to know about childhood, we know how to do it right or sadly what it feels like done horribly wrong. So don't go finding excuses such as spending time with children is not my thing, I don't get them, I don't know how to handle them, act around them or relate to them.

How did I come across my calling for children ? Well somebody saw me doing an act of kindness on the playground and took time to affirm me as a caring person and will be good at handling children (for those who know me well, I am a little child at heart). I may not remember the exact words spoken but I have grown to be a thoughtful, generous, sweet spirited person. It brings me great joy to bless others.

As mature adults we are constantly facing daily rejections and disappointments. True, it is heart breaking, painfully haunting and hurts badly but I will never forget the joy of making a child laugh. In any rainy day, the cloud will eventually clear to allow the sun to shine once again. Yes, it takes time, it is quicker to destroy a life and to be easily negative compare to building compassion, care, confidence and productivity. I strongly believe we are who we are and act the way we do because of those years spent as a child. Proverbs 31:8 stated clearly "speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves"

I love listening to stories and reading about them ... whether we are a toddler being tucked into bed or an adult staying wide awake in the middle of the night ...I learned most from stories.

Here is a story of a random act of kindness which I came across. Moments like this probably doesn't come around very often but God was always there for me, almost every time when I fail to stay grounded and focus to my principles.
A young man explained that he was in his first year of teaching and absolutely loving it. He said that he had trouble beginning as a first grader. He had a terrible stutter, he was timid and felt alone, even in a crowded classroom. He lived for recess and for dismissal at the end of the day. That was, until his teacher saw his struggle and stepped boldly into his world. She praised his work, wrote encouraging words on his papers, gave him some of the few hugs he ever received as a child.
He loved her and decided right then and there that he wanted to grow up to be a teacher, just like her. So here he is today, a grateful and enthusiastic teacher all because of her. 
Did he ever tell her of her impact on his life? No. he never really did.
Do you think she even knows? Well she does now (tears welled up in his eyes)
Silence filled the room. Everyone were imagining that the precious woman must have passed away, and he meant that she had perhaps heard his words from the balcony heaven. 
But then, when he had collected himself, he turned and pointed across the crowded room,everyone gasped and turned their heads to see where he was pointing. There sat an elderly gray haired woman, her eyes were glistening, amid the wild applause, she quietly stood to her feet, the perfectly poised teacher she had always been. (atmosphere sounded like violins were playing as the two of them made their way to the center of the room for a warm lingering long overdue embrace) 
~ excerpt from Just a Minute by Wess Stafford.
After taking some time to pray, read, listen and talk (pour out my heart) ... God had once again convinced me to stay true to myself. He has sent me angels everytime I cried out to him. He is faithful and good.

I took a step back, spared a moment and reflected on the influences of my own childhood. I even analysis my enemies. What made them become who they are today? Why are they different compare to others?

My personal advice to the future Me, if I ever come across the same situation, "Remember; you do not need to be nice to everyone or even pretend to be happy all the time, stay alert, wise and notice those who are needy, if you simply care enough, only then will it be worth staying around to help."


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