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Sunday, 11 March 2012

GLOW Mission 2: Trust in God

Our church vision for 2012 is a Year of Purpose, as Change the World Conference is coming up, I am privilege to be able to share this with my fellow Connect Group members, my aim is to encourage them to find their own calling, to join the right mission, even if only a few person took action, I trust this would be a gateway for them to find their purpose in life.

Don't Have to Say a Word and Still be Kind
It's hard to see someone go through sadness.There was nothing I could do to change the fact that the children in the Sanmenxia welfare centre lost their parents (abandoned). Nothing I could do to take away their pain.

A friend during the mission trip was going through a difficult situation. I could tell her sorrow but I could not find words to express myself. She was not comfortable to share, I became frustrated, how could I help her if I am not aware what is going on. I spend many freezing nights, walking by the river. One night she joined me, as I was praying out loud, I could hear her crying softly. I gave her a hug which lasted for a long time but I did not ask any question. Maybe it was better if I did not find out the reason. I felt terrible that I wasn't been able to do anything to alleviate her suffering.

"Friends are the angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly." 

Almost two months passed, I came home, but everything in my life went terribly wrong, relationship started to crumble, almost lost faith in true friends. A letter letter came just in time to save me from falling apart. She had written to tell me how much she appreciate what I have done for her during the trip. Just knowing that I was there for her had brought her comfort and she was so thankful I was present. At the time I felt totally useless but instead my friend had found comfort.
Dear Sturdey,  
First of all, I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to listen to your problems. I felt honoured that you thought of me during troubled times. Secondly, this is something I wanted to share with you after mission trip. You are such an amazing woman! You told me travelling is a way to know people. I must say that I know you a lot better after the trip and today I would like to share with you by examples. 
# you comfort me without gossip. I am pretty sure that you understand my situation or you can guess my situation. But all you did was stand by my side, supporting me and assisting me throughout. 
# you set a great example. It has been an honor for me to be working with you. All my eyes could see was a focus person, a Godly person, and a caring person. Watching you caring for the children with all your heart and all your soul, I was amazed. It helped me to set my problem aside and focus on God. So thank you. 
# you are a very caring person. I will always remember the burger you gave me on the day I was sick. You did not say anything when you passed it to me, but when I ate the burger the next day, I had the urge to cry.  
#you are a good woman with good manners. I was touched when you sent the email to me before leaving Beijing. The email was about giving thanks to my friend in Beijing, She did not do a lot of things for you, instead I was impressed by the little things you did.  
# you are a godly woman.  The answer you sent to me last night was a great example. There are many things which I can't list all of these things in here...But I just want let you know, always remember you are an amazing woman with a beautiful heart.  
How I wish I can write to you in Chinese, so that I can express better ....
When we do things really well, it is always nice when others acknowledge it. Right?

When it comes to doing good deeds to other people, we are not meant to shout from the mountain top.
The point of helping others is to assist them rather to get the glory for ourselves. It is lovely if people appreciate our generosity, but if we just help others to received grace, we are not actually showing pure kindness. I am sharing this testimony not to boast, but as a reminder to myself of my random act of kindness to mankind. I was not expecting such feedback in return.

Lesson: Yes it became clear to me now. God had planned in such way that He wanted me to be there to change a few people probably including her. He chose the right person, right place, right time and right plan. It fell all into place according to His plan. Sometimes just being there for others without saying a word can make a world of difference. He has His reason and I just need to trust Him completely. 


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