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Friday, 30 March 2012

Some Kind of Happiness 有一種快樂

We are so used to tailoring ourselves to suit this world’s perspective. Most people lack the courage to live out their lives being who they truly are. This includes me and I am sure a few of you too. A few years ago, I was very happy and proud when I came to know two of my favourite artists embraced Christ ... Sammi Cheng and Vanness Wu. I am sharing Sammi testimony today because it connect the dots between Life Perspective, Joy of Mission & Desiring for God in conjunction of this weekend Change the World Conference.

When Sammi received the birthday gifts – floral drawing, paper crane and caterpillar, photos and letters – from her sponsored children Joy in Laos and Bayarjargal in Mongolia, She felt extremely touched and remarkably surprised! These handmade gifts, one of a kind, resemble priceless meanings to her.

From the gifts, she was delighted to see not only children’s gratefulness but also the transformation of their lives due to her sponsorship – with educational opportunities and improved living conditions, they can grow up healthy and happy with hopes of ending poverty and living self-sustainably in the long run. From Joy’s recent photo, she saw a grown and stronger boy who used to be undernourished and stunted. The incomparable joy and satisfaction is something that no other thing can offer.

Although she couldn't correspond with them regularly every month, the bonding with these sponsored children is inexpressible. In the Child Sponsorship Programme, while she gave, she also receive, love. 

Just ten days ago, a redirected letter came in the mailbox. It was not for me, it was attention to my close friend. He had asked me to open any important letter while he was out of town. I was caught by surprise to find out his sponsor child wrote to thank him all the way from Africa. I have been swamped by work day in day out but I can't tell you receiving this good news has given me great joy to see him growing, changing and walking in truth. I hope more people can join me to become child sponsors: to help the needy children and make the world a more beautiful place! 

"I am a singer and actress from Hong Kong. I am 35 and I guess I have attained a certain level of success. However, I’ve lived a life of pretense and was so used to living life according to the value people given onto me. I thought the more successful I was, the more worthy I would become in the eyes of others. I thought the more successful I got, the more reason I would have to life. But when I attained the material things that most people long for, I came to realize that I was truly at the end of myself- I realize I had nothing. My heart was empty. I thus tried to pursue success even harder to make up for this, but the emptiness and fear only got larger.

So, I decided to take a break from this vicious cycle of want. I let go of a career I took a decade to build up. I gave up my success. I wanted to have a good look at what was left in my life.

The LORD used about a period of about a 1000 days to let me thoroughly reflect on my past and I came to see very clearly the truth behind my success and material wealth- that although these could build me a life, they could not give me the true life that would satisfy me.

Life has a greater worth and in the words of the LORD, I found my direction and my firm foundation.
“The Son of Man came to serve, not to be served.”
For my journey in the days ahead, I have a clear direction. I do not know how the LORD has written the script that is my life, but I know that He will lead me one step at a time.

This inner peace, no amount of money can purchase.

Reflecting on that 1000 day period, the LORD has truly broken my old life and fixed me anew. He has given me this release to let me find my heart again. And I realize my heart has already been bonded to Him before I realized and that I no longer have to fear, I no longer have to be in despair. I want to live life as the unique creation that I am.

I want to life to give glory to that which is greater than my life. I no longer want to conform to this world. This is my promise to the LORD." - Sammi Cheng


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