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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Stairway to Heaven

Looking at this photo, it brought back good memories of Bukit Panorama, Sungai Lembing (an ex mining town, 42km from Kuantan), once the richest town in Pahang, known as El Dorado of the East. Lembing is Malay word for spear, and Sungai means river. The legend goes that the local ruler saw a spear in the nearby river and thus named his town after this vision.

I still remember it was my first college hiking trip (which nearly took my life), a few local elderly were already heading back downhill for breakfast ... half asleep I continue to drag my legs up the hill. It was embarrassing, not only did they manage their way up before dawn, they looked healthy and energised, some were holding onto walking sticks ... eventually I made it to the top, well passed sunrise. But it was well worth the effort. Ever since, I swore to stay in shape.

Today I am moving down south, I am really looking forward to 1,000 Steps Kokoda Walk @ Mt Dandenong every weekend.


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