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Monday, 12 March 2012

GLOW Mission 3: Giving Your very Best

During the trip God has indeed open up my eyes to notice the needy, He had touched people's heart in a way that I could never imagine possible and I finally came to an understanding on "We Reap What We Sow". 

Unconditional Love - Giving My Very Best

On first day of orientation, everyone were asked this question, if God had spoken to us, where He wanted us to serve, if not which areas are we looking to explore, are we comfortable performing praise worship and leading prayer meetings? I enjoy working with the young ones, so I jump at the opportunity to be the teacher assistant in Jasper room, teaching children between 2-5 years old. It sounded important and I know it was challenging for me personally.

I had very high expectation on myself, I did a lot of research every night, I practice my Mandarin, I memorize the names of every child in the room, I even went to the extend of taking the bus to the market and bought items for the classes. I felt as though someone is judging me, maybe I was worried the children will notice my flaw. Everyday stepping into the classroom, I felt like I had to get a score out of 10. How well did I taught the children? Where can I see improvement? How well did I assisted the teacher? Was she happy with my work? How well was the study material prepared for the children? Did they learn something new today?

Often times the judges are ourself, people say you are your harshest critic. This is certainly true for myself. I am a perfectionist and when I fail at performing a certain task, the more I want to prove to myself and others that I could get it done the next time, I just have to try it again until I get it right.

Lesson: I need to remember there is a God who created me and care for me. His aim is not to give me a score but to say "My precious child I love you". God always gives us his very best. He give us his love unconditionally. When I am reminded of God generosity, I am inspired to give Him the very best too. Up to this day, I have not regretted because I know I gave my very best, I put in 100% of my love, attention, time and energy. 

At the end of the trip, we were each given blank cards, we were asked to write encourage words to each team member. We would bring it home and read it to ourself when we are ready. (in my opinion it was kind of like a score card) 

Well my entire life I choose to believe in mankind, I wanted to believe in people so much that I came to Sanmenxia to find answers.

What are the words spoken into my life during this trip? 

What words am I hanging on to? 

Something positive? 

Just picture God as an artist and we are His canvas. It's never too late to ask God to show us how to start painting (make a difference). You always gotta start somewhere... and I did,  from here on I have no boundaries.

Experiment: Now pass around these 20 envelopes, there are five different words written on the front of each envelopes, choose wisely because I believe God can see the strength in each and every one of us here tonight. Inside there is a beautiful postcard that will speak over your life and it will link your strength to a future event. Just hold on to that word, write down today's date and what we had discuss tonight at the back of your card (imagine you are writing a postcard to future you). Put it in your bible, hide it in your drawers or stick it on your fridge, keep it safe because your future is written inside, you will need this one day to remind yourself it is time to start loving, trusting others and you are ready to take a step of faith. 

I am carrying out this activity with you because this is how it all began for me ... it took me almost 5 years to finally find my lost passion (which was then a Watoto Children's Choir music CD instead of a postcard). It reminded me, there was a time in my life, when I was also inspired to join a mission trip.

“You can do anything you put your heart, mind and soul into. 
Far more than you can imagine. Be fearless. Do it.” ~LL Cool J


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