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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

GLOW Mission 5: Why Focus Is So Important

Have you ever wondered why people at work never notice your hard work? Is it because everyone is too busy themselves or are you less important? Usually not only large issues but many small issues in a company can overwhelmed us. An argument with our employers will often arise because of little irritating situations. Employees feel stress because of many small tasks put on their desk. Project becomes way over budget when clients constantly spend a little too much money. Instead of sweeping small issues under the carpet it is important to address them quickly before it is too late. It may seem small now but if the more we allow things to built up the greater the enemy they will become.

Why Focus Is So Important
Since I got back from China, work had been a little bit overwhelming, I had many sleepless nights, I became restless, I woke up to hair that would not sit right, work clothes were in the wash or not ironed, I have to stop at every set of lights on my way to work and I forgot to pack my lunch. 
Do you have days like that? Getting up on the wrong side of bed?

I could still clearly remember, the worst day of my life, I realised I left my house keys in the office, I walked out of the house not knowing that I left my car keys on the table, I thought I could try walking to work that day but I remembered the office keys was in my car. You see how my day turned from bad to worst, the car keys at home, the house keys in the office and the office keys in the car. Everything was everywhere, places they should to be, places I could not reached. I had to call my house mate for help, I felt bad that I had interrupted his dinner date. It sounds funny now, but at that time I wanted to punch myself.

Generally my life is pretty good ... love my family, enjoy my job, go to an awesome church and have a great group of friends. But sometimes these days just sneak up on me unexpectedly and knock me over. When these days come around it is so hard to be thankful for anything. I cab became annoyed, frustrated and angry at everyone.

Lesson : There are times when we feel like we are being crushed under a great weight, not necessary in a physically way but more so in an emotional and stressful way ... maybe there is tension in a relationship, conflict at home or pressure at work. This type of weights can make us feel trap and not able to escape. It’s during these times of trial that we can call out to God, His power is stronger than any vehicle, it’s greater than any issue and it can move mountains. Our troubles may seem great at times but His power is always greater.

The Bible says we should always give thanks to God for everything even the days we got out of bed on the wrong side. It is easy to be thankful when things are going well but the greater challenge is when we have to be thankful for everything … even on the bad and trap days.

We are well equipped to achieve all that is in our hearts , the enemy wants us to think we can’t achieve great things ... that is not true ... God will not put something in our hearts if we are not well equipped to do it, well we might need to hone some skills but we got what it takes to achieve our dreams and passion. He is ready to grant us the desire in our hearts, all our steps are ordered by Him, we are not alone, the Bible says “If God is with you who can be against you”.

Take a step ... we walk by faith and not by sight. For some of us, we are waiting ... but we are all skilled enough and we are smart enough. We can do all things through Christ who strengthen us. That is the word of God speaking into each and everyone of us, my friend, just repeat after me “God, from now on I will take that challenge on.”

The spiritual journey involves stepping into unknown territory 

with a hunger to know what is true. ~ Aura Glacer


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